The Politics & Law Teacher Subscription 2024


The 2024 subscription contains the following bundle of products:

  • 5 PAL News Updates
  • 5 Infographic Case Studies
  • 2 Year 11 Examinations + Marking Keys
  • 2 Year 12 Examinations + Marking Keys

PAL News Updates every two months provide current examples linked to Year 11 and 12 syllabus topics. They are a rich resource for teachers and students and a stimulus for class discussion and debates.

Infographics are published in alternate months to PAL News Updates. They provide visual learning aids suited to different learning styles. Case Studies provide ‘universal examples’ which integrate syllabus topics, helping students see the ‘big picture’.

Examinations for Years 11 and 12 are provided in WACE formatted, editable Word docs.  They are high quality assessments designed to provide assessment, feedback and exam experience.

Important: If you purchased a subscription in 2023 you will need to re-order the 2024 subscription in order to continue receiving these updates.