The Politics & Law Teacher Subscription 2020


ATAR Politics & Law can be a challenging subject – to teach and to learn! As a teacher, your students need deep understandings enriched by contemporary and current cases to achieve the results they, and you, deserve. This can mean hours, weeks and months of researching, planning and developing resources. Likewise, as a student, you want to achieve the best possible results in your ATAR studies. You also need a deep understanding of how political and legal power operates in the Australian system of government (Unit 3) and how that power is held to account, and how we protect rights (Unit 4).

So, how can I help?

As an experienced Politics & Law Teacher, I understand what it takes to teach and learn this subject at an ATAR level. I have developed a subscription to help teachers and students receive the in-depth and contemporary support that’s needed to succeed.

Important: If you purchased a subscription in 2019 you will need to re-order the 2020 subscription in order to continue receiving these updates


The Politics & Law Teacher Subscription gives you depth and content analysis based on recent and contemporary events that will assist in achieving the best results possible in the ATAR course. This subscription includes:

Topic Depth Studies (1 per term) 

Topic Depth Studies are long-form explanations and explorations of Politics & Law syllabus points from Units 1, 2, 3 & 4. They provide deeper understandings for students and teaching resources for teachers. Contemporary issues will be integrated into Topic Depth Studies to ensure they are relevant in meeting the syllabus requirements for ‘contemporary’ and ‘recent’ examples.

View a sample Topic Depth study here.

Bi-Monthly Updates (5 per year)

Bi-monthly updates are provided every two months from February to November for use in a school year. They are shorter articles that focus on political and legal events from the preceding two months and outline how they may be used in Political and Law Units 1, 2, 3 & 4. They highlight cyclical events from the political and legal calendar, such as the May budget, and advise on how they are relevant to the courses. Other newsworthy events are also covered. The activities of parties, parliament, pressure groups, court cases, reports by the Auditor General and other such events will be translated into a handy resource for use by students and their teachers.

These bi-monthly updates also include several reflection questions for students to complete to demonstrate their learning. These can be provided as homework or revision questions, or used in class as part of your teaching or learning practice.

View a sample Bi-monthly update here.

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Receive your premium subscription via email in easy-to-read PDF format.

One-off payment of $105 for the year.

Important: If you purchased a subscription in 2019 you will need to re-order the 2020 subscription in order to continue receiving these updates